Flaere Gallery
London, 12-03-13

We are delighted to present the new series from Italian photographer Riccardo Magherini. This follows the extremely successful Shibuya series with a study of a more familar territory in his home town.

A photograph is usually a moment in time, caught for posterity. In the Firenze series, Riccardo Magherini layers a series of moments, or “memories”, to conjure in a single frame a collection that forms a thread spanning hours, days, sometimes seasons.
Florence of course is itself already a splendidly layered tapestry. Crowds of contemporary people are overlaid on the richest of Renaissance backdrops and Riccardo’s photographs convey the imposing glorious monuments of the then and the unceasing vibration of the now.

Firenze series

Battistero - Firenze series - Riccardo Magherini