The HK series published on The Artbo

San Francisco,  2nd April 2016

” Created by a small team of art enthusiasts, The Artbo is a an online magazine where art gets personal.
We are passionate about bringing you a selection of the most beautiful work from both established creatives as well as emerging talents.
Since the earliest drawings of stick figures on the wall of a cave, art has been about communicating. Sometimes the communication is a story, sometimes it is simply the evocation of a mood or emotion and sometimes it is a provocation or call to action. But these expressions are always subjective. No work of art can exist outside of the experience that has shaped the artist. This, too, is part of the story, of the visual expression.

As the internet and image technology have grown, so too have the number of artists finding new avenues and techniques of expression.  From still lifes to short films, anyone with the ability to point a recording device has the potential to create new and exciting work. And like the proverbial snowflakes, each of these artists and their stories is unique.

We feel it is a privilege to be able to bring both the art and the story behind the art to a worldwide audience. ”

HK series @
The Artbo

Riccardo Magherini - the artbo