10 Agosto 2023

Portraits | Icons | Bulgari

Pieces of art 


During the fifteen years of collaboration with Bulgari we’ve interpreted the work of many fashion designers that have created for the brand.


They created unique pieces of art that became icons and every time you meet one of those pieces you feel the soul, the creativity behind it.


It's not just taking a picture

As a photographer you have to understand the lines that define the idea, feel the volume that encloses the soul, bond with the matters that shine the preciousness.

It’s a portrait, not a still life.


Doing this for Bulgari, one of the most iconic fashion luxury brands in the world, has been the most amazing part of that collaboration.

A special thanks go to Mauro Fabbio, colleague and friend, without whom none of this would have been possible


Massimo Amoroso

Federico Biondi

Laura Chiaroni

Alessandro Destro

Donatella Monsi

Lorenzo Rugiati

Daniele Zampini