Interview on Dodho

Barcelona, 18th May 2022


Not feeling at home

“Hanoi belongs to a part of my imagination, just like all the Asia, that includes an intense fascination with the ‘other than me’. It was a matter of curiosity and fascination. Hanoi is a layered big urban agglomerate. You can see the layers of centuries, everywhere, even in people.
I wanted to walk through that, confront it, feel the diffidence of the elders and smile at the smiles of the youngers. Live the alleys, the decadence of the french concession, the heat of the wet market, smell the scent of the food cooked in the street, the traffic noise, meet the people who live and work on the sidewalks. 

Not feeling at home.  And feel good.”

Abstract from the interview by Francesco Scalici for Dodho

Thanks to Maxim Panès, Founder and Director of Dodho Magazine and to Maria Oliva, Creative Director of Dodho Magazine

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