BKK series featured guest on Fubiz

Paris, 31st august 2016

Great thing to be featured on Fubiz!
“Creativity is essential because it has been at the heart of my professional project since the beginning. I decided to create the media Fubiz in order to highlight the others’ creativity. Passionate about digital culture and art in every shape and form, I selected design and creative contents from all over the world, and I put them on line every day on Fubiz.”   [source]
Romain Colin, founder and director of Fubiz

BKK @ Fubiz
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“With 100% organic growth since its establishment, the media Fubiz claims in 2015 nearly 20 million annual unique visitors.
Fubiz the media is also very present on social networks: in August 2016, it brings together a community of over 2 million fans on Facebook and 455,000 followers on Twitter. Fubiz Media is also cited as a world reference in terms of digital creation by the US magazine Forbes in July 2016”  [source