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Seattle, 21st february 2017

These Time-Layering Photos Represent a New Way of Seeing

“There’s this notion that there’s a lot more to our world than meets the eye. Literally. For example, we can’t see infrared or ultraviolet light as some creatures can, yet with a boost from technology, we can suddenly see as they do, and whole new vistas of patterns and relationships open up.
This might be a useful way of looking at the work of award-winning Italian street photographer Riccardo Magherini. Every photographer brings a point of view to what they do, a personal way of seeing reality that’s more or less clear in a finished image. Magherini’s reality is fascinating in its intentional lack of clarity. He layers perspective and moments in time, as if seeing through an insect’s compound eyes, or those of an alien with extra-dimensional perception.
It’s what we’d normally see, only…deeper.
Like if those fabled, unused parts of our brain were suddenly switched on.”
Eric Perret, Mylio Wordwright

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