Construct the city memory

Beijing, November 2020

Honoured to be guest with my works on the October issue of Photoworld, the famous Chinese photographic magazine of the Xinhua News Agency, side by side with Gregory Crewdson, Nan Goldin and so many talented artists ( a lucky oversight, I should say ).

” Susan Sontag said that “a photograph is a slice of space and time.” Magherini broke through this definition through his nearly ten years of exploration. He uses multiple exposures to superimpose different moments, giving to the traditional single shot the amount of information that a photo cannot carry, transforming the timeline of the story through space, and bringing to the audience a multi-sensory impressionist experience beyond documentary.”
Xun Chi, Photoworld


Thanks to Xun Chi, writer at Photoworld, international curator and Associate Professor of Visual Communication at
Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, CA

BKK series