Resource Travel Magazine

New York , 1st December 2016

The Surreal Street Photography of Riccardo Magherini

“When you are far away from home, a sense of estrangement sometimes overtakes you. But being in a new and unknown place, among people who don’t speak your language, can also be a precious source of creativity and inspiration. Italian award-winning photographer Riccardo Magherini plays with this wandering feeling to create a unique style of fine art street photography. He captures faces, stories and feelings that stand out to him in composed and merged shots, anywhere from Hong Kong and Tokyo to New York and Lisbon. Magherini sees the world as “a sum of instants,” moments and impressions that overlap each other and merge into feelings and memories. There’s no denying that he found a way to recreate this with his photograph. Layer by layer, Magherini collects pictures as fragments of time and space, eventually suggesting a story.”
Robin De Clercq,  Resource Travel Magazine

Riccardo Magherini fine art photography