Shibuya on Departures, The Japan issue

New York,  october 10th 2016

The ‘Shibuya’ from Tokyo series opens the Departures october 2016 issue, entirely dedicated to Japan.
“Japanese culture prizes the idea of a kind of instant, slippery access to something so deep that it is unchanging. Call it truth or enlightenment or nature. The Japanese call it satori: sudden comprehension. Touch the country in just the right spot and your senses will lead you to somewhere your rational mind can never go.” writes Joshua Cooper Ramo on Departures, the american quartery lifestyle magazine published by Time Inc.
“A lifestyle source book for affluent, well-traveled, interested individuals, a call to action on where to go, how to go, and who and what to know, with a circulation of 1.3 million”
Time Inc.
My thanks to Lea Golis, Photo Director, Marc Davila, Art Director and Sara Urbaez, Assistant Photo Editor.