Featured on Dodho 19 printed issue

Barcelona, 27th January 2022

An earth colour palette

That’s what I’ve found in Hanoi, a very peculiar sense of intimacy.
The proudness, the bond with the land, the strong relationship that Vietnamese have with the matter, with the earth, with nature and the love for life permeates everything. You can feel it in everyday life gestures, even the simpler ones.
The Hanoi series talks about people, maybe more than the previous series I’ve made. All the images of the series are quite portraits of street’s people, surrounded by their environment, immersed in an earth colour palette, all spanning through the tones of the city colours.
Buildings, walls, trees, roads, gravel and soil, bamboo, wood, bricks, stone and the markets with their goods, the food in the streets, even the smells are in the palette that wraps all the images of the series.
These are the things I have seen and which I want to talk about, which I want to tell in my works.
Now printed on the Dodho Magazine’s beautiful paper, issue 19.

Thanks to Maxim Panès, Founder and Director of Dodho Magazine and to Maria Oliva, Creative Director of Dodho Magazine

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Hanoi series

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