My second

Siena, 20th June 2021

Here we are, one year later (I liked it the first time, so…)

The Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021!
This year the jury has done a wonderful job, choosing astonishing winning images, at all levels, in every single category and for every prize.
Have a look because it worth it.

In this incredible context, two of my works, a portrait collection from the BKK series and ‘Co Loa’  from the Hanoi series, have been awarded  ‘Highly Commended Award’, out of three, for the category Experimental.
My congratulations to all the winners for their amazing works and my thanks to the jury for the value they added to creative photography.

“Creative Photo Awards is one of the photo contests with the highest international participation ever. 2020 edition has received nearly 48.000 images from amateur and professional photographers from 156 countries worldwide.
It aims to recognize and reward visionary artists using photographic processes and images.
It’s searching for photos born out of passion and from the author’s deep sensitivity: the result from a need to express feelings through the image, a unique view of the surrounding reality. We seek to find artists and unique souls who breathe and live for creativity. We break all the rules, and we want you to break them with us by creating new trends in art.”
Siena Creative Photo Awards

Creative Photo Awards 2021 Experimental Winners 
Creative Photo Awards 2021 Series Winners

SIPA 2021 - Siena Creative Awards 2021 - Riccardo Magherini Fine Art