Milan, 22 june 2013

“Four talented PhotoVoguers among the winners of the prestigious Prix de la Photographie Paris 2013 award.
After the A Glimpse at PhotoVogue exhibition and the World Press Photo award to Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini, PhotoVoguers have been awarded again for their outstanding talent in the Prix de la Photographie, Paris.
Riccardo Magherini won the gold medal in the Fine art – Collage pro cathegory.
Thomas Sing won the bronze medal in the Fine art – Other pro cathegory.
Tatsuo Suzuki won the 3rd overall prize in the Portrait non-professional cathegory, plus the gold medal in the Portraiture – Personality and Press – People/Personality cathegory.
Mariska Karto won the silver medal for the Fine art – Collage non-professional cathegory.”

Riccardo Magherini Prix de la photographie Paris 2013