On The Move

New York, 10 May 2020

I’m very proud to announce that a selection of images from my works has been awarded Honorable Mentions at the One Shot – Movement 2020, special competition branch of the renown International Photography Awards.

“The late Indian Philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, once said, “Life is a movement, a constant movement in relationship.”

This year’s IPA One-Shot special themed competition “MOVEMENT” looks at this concept through a photographer’s lens—movement in all aspects of life, showing change, development, movement and growth, in physical, political, social or artistic environments. Thank you for participating in this special photography event, and we’re very pleased that your work is receiving the recognition it deserves.
Once again, congratulations on your great work!”

Hossein Farmani
President, IPA”

One Shot Movement Winners

IPA 2020- Tsim Sha Tsui-Riccardo Magherini Fine Art Photography
Riccardo Magherini Fine Art Photography
IPA 2020-one shot-NY 02 -Riccardo Magherini Fine Art Photography