My first

Siena, 20th June 2020

Siena Awards has ever been a far away type of contest for my works. Centred on travel, people and reportage it has been not really my thing.

But then came up the Siena Creative Photo Awards.

“Creative Photo Awards aims to recognize and reward visionary artists using photographic processes and images.
It’s searching for photos born out of the passion and from the author’s deep sensitivity: the result from a need to express feelings through the image, a unique view of the surrounding reality. We seek to find artists and unique souls who breathe and live for creativity. We break all the rules, and we want you to break them with us by creating new trends in art.”

This is where I belong .)
So, indulge me…

Ladies and Gentleman, I’m really proud to present you my first Award at Creative Photo Awards 2020.
Let me introduce you ‘Van Phuc’ from the Hanoi series, Commended Honoree (one out of six) at Creative Photo Awards 2020, Experimental category.

Creative Photo Awards 2020 Winners 

Van Phuc from Hanoi series-Commended at SIPA 2020-Creative Awards-Riccardo Magherini Fine Art Photography